Before I ‘Do’: Bridesmaids Announcements

Bridesmaid Announcement Tips
Let me start by assuring you that not everyone does bridesmaid announcements. So, if you read the title and thought, “Why?” then that’s just fine! Usually, most brides-to-be and their bridal party already have a good idea of who will be asked and who will say yes. In fact, I’d bet that after the proposal (maybe not right after) most brides-to-be call these ladies and tell them that they are, of course, IN!

Me? Well, my Maids (yes, two) of Honor knew who they were. The same with a few of my bridesmaid. So why did I fool with sending out announcements?

Well, they are cute, thoughtful, and so darn presh! I wanted my ladies to get as excited as me (or at least near that level) about the wedding because they just won’t be there, they’ll be a part of it!

So here’s two ways to let your leading ladies know they’ve landed a spot next to you on your epic day!

Make it personal without breaking the bank
I loved the idea of creating little boxes of things (see this Knot post with a few examples) but when it came down to it, I didn’t have the budget to make what I really wanted to make. Plus, I wanted them to have their announcements pronto! (Read: Impatient.) So, after stressing and random internet surfing, I found Urban Outfitters’ hilarious (and pretty) cards.

Urban Outfitters Bridesmaid Announcements

Instead of getting six of the same ones, I searched and searched until I found cards I thought fit each chick and our relationship perfectly. (I know, some of these are a bit weird…but they work!) To make them even more special I filled up each with words straight from the heart and couldn’t be happier that I chose to formally do announcements this way!

Want to set your Maid of Honor announcement apart? Get something that plays with the fact that she is your Player 2 or partner in crime! (My MOH Virginia’s announcement pictured below!) ;) Or find something that dips into your combined life of inside jokes and friendship. (i.e. I Love Your Stupid Face!)

Maid of Honor Announcement

Create a Facebook group chat of awesome
I am impatient, especially when I’m excited. So before I found my announcement cards, I had kind of already told my ladies (though I asked they keep it a secret until I sent announcements out). What’s the pros of creating a group chat on Facebook for your bridal party? For one, my ladies didn’t all live in the same place and some of them hadn’t even met so it was a way to introduce them. For two, when the wedding got closer it would be easier to talk wedding plans and what not in one place so everyone was on the same page. For three, it was all my favorite ladies in one place. That = Awesome.

So, I wrote a long message detailing out who each person was, how I had met them, and why I loved them. It started a fun convo and made me even more excited for the shenanigans I’m sure we’ll all get into closer to the wedding!

These two ways to tell some important women (or men! I’m all for having men in your bridal party) aren’t overly grand or difficult, but that doesn’t mean they aren’t heartfelt and special. If you’re choosing them to be in your bridal party, then it’s safe to assume they already love and appreciate you. Just because you don’t build a box of glitter, gold, and personalized-everything, doesn’t mean they will respect or love you less!


Wedding Talk: 3 Sites that are a MUST

Before I was engaged and certainly now that I am, I frequented two of these sites regularly (GWS & BHLDN). It wasn’t because I was obsessed with getting engaged or even married, they were just two sites that had lovely content. And, don’t we all love to love lovely things?!

Now that my own wedding is a real future event I need to plan for though, I’ve found myself checking/browsing these three sites in a constant loop.

If you’re planning a wedding or just love lovely things, check out these three!

green-wedding-shoes-logoFor Inspiration: Green Wedding Shoes
Inspiration and information all wrapped up in awesome and unique blog posts featuring real life engagements, weddings, and honeymoons. Plus a DIY ideas, vender, and shop section!


For Organization: The Knot
Make an account (it’s free!) and see real weddings, dresses, and stories. Not to mention, The Knot’s ‘tools’ which helps you keep up with your wedding checklist, budget, guest list manager, and more!

For Dresses and Accessories: BHLDN
We at Almost There have loved BHLDN for years. (Fun fact: As I’m writing this Holli and I are actually talking about how much we like it!) True, it’s a little bit more expensive than what we’re comfortable with on a daily basis, but BHLDN has beautiful, unique dresses that can at least give you an idea of what you might love. Plus, their accessories, lingerie, and decorations are also gorgeous!

Are there any sites you can’t get enough of?


Wedding Brain

Wedding Brain

A lot of things are going on in my life right now and all my brain seems to want to think on is a wedding that’s about nine months away. My dress, the centerpieces, what music I’ll walk down the aisle to, etc. It’s a never-ending cycle of stress and excitement. But, hey, I guess I’ll only be doing this once (WE HOPE)!

So, in the following weeks get ready for posts about wedding brain plus working from home advice and a few other non-wedding things! (Starting TOMORROW!)

Until then here’s three fun facts about the wedding that hasn’t taken place yet:

1. The official hashtag is #tylervstyler!

2. The venue has been BOOKED!

3. There might be a dinosaur (or several) that made its way into the MUST for the decorations…It’s fine.


Pictures can be found here, here, and here!



Tyler Anne is Engaged!

FUN FACT: I’m engaged!

Tyler Anne is Engaged

Tyler asked me to marry him around 10:30/11 P.M. on June 28! (Yes, I’m getting specific!) So that means that Almost There is about to go WEDDING/PARTY CRAZY so get ready! I’ll be posting soon to start the madness but I thought I’d stop by to show you (in reaction gifs) how the proposal went down.


So Tyler and I live together and it was inevitable that I would somehow find out the ring was IN the house. A few weeks ago I saw the package it was in and just knew.


I tried to play it cool, I really did. But I may have gone a little intense about getting it.


As the days went by and no proposal happened (did I mention I’m REALLY impatient??) I became grumpier than I should have been.


Every time he said my name I was SURE he was about to ask and would have a mini mental freak out.

Jurassic Park Jell-O

But it just wasn’t happening and I’m sure I got annoying.

10 Things I Hate About You

So I finally decided to adopt a better attitude and let things just happen.

The Big Lebowski

But then Saturday rolled around and we spent the day with my family. I was POSITIVE he had waited until then to ask. My excitement was barely contained…but it still didn’t happen.

Chris Farley

We got home, played some video games, and then started getting ready to go to bed. Here’s where you learn a fun fact about me: I ALWAYS look under the bed before I go to sleep. YOU NEVER KNOW WHAT COULD BE UNDER THERE! So, I did it Saturday night…AND THERE WAS A PICTURE HANGING THERE OF A “RING MONSTER!”

Andy Dwyer

After I STOPPED Tyler from proposing so I could take a picture (hello, Leslie Knope) he asked me to marry him!

New Girl

And I, of course, said yes!

USA Soccer

Now I’m engaged to an amazing guy (with the same name!) and couldn’t be happier!

Seinfeld Happy Dance

More details and LOTS of party/wedding-related posts to come soon!!


Before ‘I Do’: Bachelorette Party/Bridal Shower MUSTS

A quick note: Let me preface this post by saying that each image used will be from a post (and I’ll link that post through the picture) from Green Wedding Shoes. Why? Because it’s a beautiful site with beautiful wedding-related stories/pictures. Neither Anne owns any of these pictures!

Recently my best friend got engaged (to my other really good friend!) and since then I’ve been asked, or rather told, that I’m the MOH! With that title comes certain responsibilities. The one I’m MOST excited about? The bachelorette party! It’s my duty HONOR to plan this fun event. However, I want a little more than just the party, I want it to be more of a bridal shower too! So, here’s three MUSTS for what my ideal bachelorette party/bridal shower should have!

1. Theme
Bachelorette / Bridal Shower Theme

Whether it’s a Valentine’s Day + Marie Antoinette theme (like above) or a party peppered in paper penises (say that five times really fast!), a theme is a MUST for a bridal party/bachelorette party. From what everyone wears, whether it’s for one night or just one event, to the decorations and food, a theme should be worked into everything!  What theme am I going to come up with for my bestie’s parties? Stay tuned to find out. But, you can bet your pretty little paper penises that I’m going to go all out on a theme!
Valentine’s Day + Punk Marie Antoinette Bridal Shower || A 1920′s Bridal Shower


2. Photo booth + Props
Black Dress Bridal Shower

I’m a huge fan of pictures. I take them all of the time, even if they aren’t too exciting. That’s why I believe bridal showers and bachelorette parties should always have a photo booth and props! It’s a fun way to remember a time spent with your best gals! But, if it’s a bachelorette party maybe you should do the photo booth before the party gets started. ;)
A Little Black Dress Bridal Shower || A New Year’s Eve Bridal Shower


3. Fun Drinks
Bridal Shower Bar

I’m not a big drinker, but even I know fun drinks (pictured above) should be a part of a bridal shower/ bachelorette party. The bridal shower should perhaps be more tame–creating a bar like the one above is a great and pretty idea. There’s alcohol but not too much which is great for the occasion of bridal shower. Now the bachelorette party, depending where you are, can be a way different story. It’s hard to have a classy set up when you and your girls are strolling down Bourbon Street with Hand Grenades. However, maybe you can take the time to take a round of celebratory shots in the hotel room? Finding a fun, creative way to organize the drinks at either occasion can make all the difference!
Pink Ombre Bridal Shower || Sombreros y Rancheros Hat Party


There’s actually one more thing I think each party should have but that will get its own post soon. What is it? GAMES, OF COURSE!

Until then, have you been to any bridal showers / bachelorette parties with any cool themes, photo booths, or drinks?

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