Home Tour: Baby Nursery

Nursery by Almost There

I may be a tad late posting this baby nursery tour since my little man is now almost 1 and a half years old! But, this is absolutely my favorite room in our little rental house and the only one we completely finished decorating the way we wanted it.

Since we’re now about to move (Hint at a future official announcement coming soon), I thought I should document this room. I love everything about this space to the point that when we actually found a house, I teared up thinking about leaving Gabe’s first room behind.

We didn’t have a specific theme in mind for his room, but we wanted to use primary colors. We also tried to create a Montessori-style nursery, meaning he sleeps on a mattress on the floor and has access to all the things in his room. Don’t worry, it’s super baby proof in there!

His bed has one of my baby blankets (the blue & white striped one) that was made by my late Grandma Tottie & the white blanket made just for Gabe by my Aunt Kathy. Another Montessori element is we have a mirror on the wall next to his bed so he can see himself; this was a bigger deal for when he wasn’t able to move all over the place and helping him learn how to lift his head, roll over and crawl. Now, he just likes to lay there an make faces at himself.


Montessori Floor Bed

Stick On Alphabet for Nursery

On the other side of the room we have this giant shelf we found at our local Habitat for Humanity ReStore. We painted it white and use it to store all his toys. This is Montessori-inspired, and we try to rotate his toys out and not keep too many out at once (though we are kind of failing at this now). My favorite things on the wall are these embroidered alphabet letters above the shelf. We found them at Goodwill. Amazing!

Montessori Inspired Toy Shelf in Nursery

Baby Room

Baby Play in Montessori Nursery

I also am partial to these hand puppets from my wonderful sister!

Hand Puppets

Organization in Nursery

The other side of room is filled with some things that are really special to me. A rocking chair passed down from my Grandma and a Montessori-weaning table handmade by my Stepdad. And of course, Gabe’s little diaper changing area (just kidding, that’s not super special!)

Baby Nursery Inspiration by Almost There

Vintage Rocker in Nursery

Play at Montessori Weaning Table

I also have this sweet little family photo board (the board was from another local thrift store!), and this mosaic owl given to us by my Stepmom.

Mosaic Owl in Baby Nursery

Photo Display in Baby Nursery

AND, the last side of the room is this dresser, which was another thrift store find that we repurposed. It was green and we painted it white and added the hardware from Hobby Lobby. I absolutely love it AND the yellow curtain.

Painted dresser in Baby Nursery

And guess where we got all the different rugs? Yep, more thrift store finds! I love having a variety of rugs in there. I think it adds so much fun to the room!

Animal Rug in Nursery Room

Baby Nursery by Almost There

I probably could have shortened this whole thing by just saying this room is filled with loads of hand me downs, thrift store finds and family gifts, and it couldn’t have been a happier place for our little boy’s first bedroom. I’m off to go get all weepy!

-Holli Anne

Three Awesome Bread Recipes


I’m not sure exactly what’s gotten into me, but in the last couple of weeks I’ve been ALL about some bread making.

It started with a plethora of zucchini in my farm share. I have absolutely no problem eating zucchini, but I thought, “Hey, why don’t you try to make some bread out of it?” It may not be the healthiest way to consume it, but I did trick my kid into eating veggies so let’s just call it a win and move on.

After seeing how much my little man loved zucchini bread, I decided to put my overload of bananas to use. I have a banana bread recipe I LOVE. Let’s just say there’s no shortage of butter in it, but feeling the guilt of my zucchini bread sugar overload, I wanted to search for a healthier recipe to try. Plus, it’s the year of 29 new recipes!

And finally, since I was on a kick, I wanted to make some regular sandwich bread for my family to eat. I came across this amazing recipe for “Man Bread,” and holy guacamole, I can’t say enough about how much I love this. I’ll just say we are on our second loaf in less than a week…oops!

It’s a tad rare that I literally copy a recipe almost EXACTLY as they are written, but all three of these were new territory to me so I decided to comply. I am glad I did because I love them all. Eventually, I’d like to try making a healthy version of the zucchini bread and combining the healthy banana bread recipe with the one I use religiously.

I thought instead of posting each of the recipes here, I’d send the love to the amazing folks who created them.


Zucchinni Bread (lovingly called Mom’s Zucchini Bread) can be found on All Recipes here. So delicious! Oh, but my version didn’t have walnuts in it just because I’m not a huge fan. If you are though I bet it’s amazing.


Healthy Banana Bread comes from Cookie & Kate. This recipe is definitely a winner (and toddler approved!) I will be experimenting with honey as a substitute for granulated sugar in future baking recipes.


And “Man Bread”…I really can’t say enough about it. Don’t Waste the Crumbs has got it together with this honey, coconut oil infused bread cooked on a cast-iron skillet/pizza stone. You gotta go here and make this immediately!

-Holli Anne

29 Before 30

Props to my husband @joseph_melancon (look him up!) for this awesome hand-drawn card with references to one of my favorite New Girl episodes when Schmidt turns 29!

Props to my husband @joseph_melancon (look him up!) for this awesome hand-drawn card with references to one of my favorite New Girl episodes when Schmidt turns 29!

It’s been almost a month since I turned 29, but unfortunately, Almost There has had MAJOR technology problems so I couldn’t post this blog I’ve been sitting on.

We’re back, though, and I have got some hefty feelings on turning 29, such as, “Wow, 30 is almost here!” While I don’t consider turning older doesn’t give me an impending sense of doom or anything, it does motivate me to make some lofty goals.

So without further ado, here it is, my 29 things to do before 30.

1. Buy a house.
We’ve made a little progress on this. You can read about it on my family blog here.
2. Finish writing my book.
If there’s a goal list, this one ends up on it. AH, so close!
3. Start the getting published process.
4. Keep blogging and growing Almost There.
5. Start a scrapbook.
I have all the supplies and everything!
6. Print more pictures.
7. Run a race.
8. Help my husband make more time for art.
9. Go with the flow more.
10. Learn how to take care of a yard.
11. Make my bedroom look grown up.
12. Make a house a home.
13. Come up with more planned activities for Gabe.
It sounds the opposite of going with the flow, but sometimes when I have a go-to list of things we can do it
makes for a happier toddler.
14. Read the New Testament.
15. Share my resources more.
16. Keep implementing more natural things in my life.
17. Be healthier than I was at 28.
18. Go thrifting more.
I used to go like every weekend, and while I may not be able to pull that off, I want to be going more regularly
again. It’s how you get the deals and OH so inspiring!
19. Dabble in couponing.
Nothing extreme…just see what kind of money I could save!
20. 29 DIYs.
21. Go on a badass vacation.
My husband requested this one, so maybe he’ll get something cool up his sleeve!
22. 29 new recipes.
23. Take more ordinary life pics.
24. Go whitewater rafting in Columbus.
It is PATHETIC that there is whitewater rafting in my city and I’ve never been!
25. Increase my running speed.
26. Stop road raging.
My kid WILL pick up on what I’m saying REAL soon.
27. Simplify life.
28. Mail things to people for birthdays/occasions.
29. AND finally, I hate to pull this move, but I have one personal goal I WILL reveal when it’s finished.

Well, this goal list gets me ALL sorts of excited! Here’s to the BEST year I’ve ever had.

Update: Life & Love & Everything Else

Once upon a time I started a blog with the intention of posting weekly, if not daily. Little did I know that one day I’d go months without so much as a peep! I could sit here and write excuses and apologize but the truth is I’m proud of what’s been going on behind the scenes in both my life and Holli’s!
Bottom line: Life got hectic and now we’re back!

And we have a new look! I’ll go into more detail later about what to expect and instead do an update I feel that’s totally needed!

Tyler Anne Family || Recently married and waiting on wedding pictures before I make blog posts about all three weddings!
Career || Just turned in Book Two in my recent Harlequin Intrigue series and now working on Book Three!
Life || Trying so hard to learn the balance between work and play and selling our house!

Holli Anne Family || Watching our kid make a mad switch from baby to toddler and house hunting for our first ever home!
Career || Counting myself lucky to work at home and considering picking up new freelance projects again for the first time since Gabe’s been born!
Life || Running a lot, and noticing a big difference in my health!

So, as you can see, we’ve had a lot going on but it also means we have a ton of blogspiration that we’ll be sharing here soon! As well as me posting way too many pins.

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We owe you an apology

We are just going to get right to the point. If you are one of our fabulous regular readers, then you may have noticed we’ve been getting spammed like crazy over here!

We thought we had put an end to the random spam posts we got a long time ago, then it turns out we didn’t, and it happened a bunch more times! We think we’ve got it figured out now? Gosh, we hope so!

Anyway, we are sorry if it seems like we are MIA and if you’ve had to endure crazy posts that make it look like we’ve abandoned ship. We haven’t! But, we have been working on trying to fix this up and maybe that’s made us shy away a bit.

Thank you for enduring with us, and don’t worry, we are here to stay. Please stick around for some new things we have in the works, and for now, here are some of our favorite TV characters summing up just how we feel about these rude-sauce spammers.

-The Annes

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