Guest Post: Green Beans and ‘Taters

Tyler, here! I’d like to take a quick second to introduce Dan “Anne” to our list of guest bloggers! Today he’ll share some life lessons with us as he chases his own “there.” Enjoy!

green beans

Every week, I travel around this great country of ours trying my best to sell my company’s products to regular folks like you. One of the greatest joys of my job besides the freedom of the road, is getting to meet someone new every day. Along with new faces, I also get to visit some of the best local places to eat and shop. The other day I passed by a restaurant called Green Beans and ‘Taters. How did I know this? It had giant block letters on the side of the building that let passerby’s from miles away see exactly what you can expect if you visit that restaurant. True to its name, their lunch was a smorgasbord of southern cooking including (yep you guessed it….. green beans and taters).

Now maybe it’s all the free time I have to think about things while I’m driving but I learned several things from the restaurant with the interesting name.

Be yourself
They chose a name that represented who they were. I would have been gravely disappointed if I had went in and found Chinese food. People want you to be the same on the inside as the person you portray on the outside.

Believe in what you do
That restaurant didn’t have a flashy sign or clowns juggling outside to draw people in, they believed in their product and didn’t have to make it into something that it was not.

Quality not quantity
The food was very high quality (So tasty!). It isn’t about how much time you spend with friends or family but rather it is about the quality of  time that you spend with them.

Enjoy Life
Who wants to live a black and white and gray life? Put some fun into it! If that means, that you need to dye your hair blue and wear bright red lipstick, then do it!! Enjoy every minute of life!

dananneDan “Anne” the Traveling Salesman
Dan “Anne” travels the country, collecting stories and experiences worth sharing. He loves to write and meet new people. This is his first appearance on Almost There.



Show Me Your Walls

Gallery Wall, Green Console

I’m finally sitting down and planning a gallery wall for my house (mentioned in my last post – DIY: Embroidered Canvas Art) and I’m beyond excited! I’ve seen a lot of different examples of how people handle office, living room, bathroom, and bedroom art and it’s just about time for me to jump on my own.

Gallery Wall, Layered

So, what’s the first step in creating anything? PINTEREST!

Wall Gallery, Antlers

Show Me Your Walls is my newest Pinterest board and showcases some of my favorite examples of gallery walls!

Gallery Wall, Color

Until I’m done planning, enjoy these new pins. I hope you’ll be as inspired as I am!

Gallery Wall, Gray

Remember to click on the individual pictures to be taken to their original pins.

Have any good Pinterest boards? Link in comments!


DIY: Embroidered Canvas Art


I can’t draw.
I mean, I CAN, I just don’t do it well.

So, when I was planning the collage wall for my home office, I was sadly limited to what I could actually create. Sure, I could do abstract, patterns, prints, and photography (all of which I intend to do anyways) but I couldn’t sit down and freehand something.

However, when I was sitting and staring at my blank canvas, I realized I had a solution that wasn’t too far out of my wheelhouse.

Embroidery but, you know, on canvas. Why?

Well, it would be unique and if I ended up disliking it or getting tired of it I could just cut the string off and paint the darn thing! Plus, I’m a big ole fan of white space!

What You Need
A Design


Grab a design, print it out, and tape it to the top of your canvas. Use your needle to poke holes through the points connect the paths where your thread will travel. If you’re afraid you won’t be able to find the holes once the paper is gone (or you don’t have the patience for that mess!) mark the spots with a pencil.

*If you’re awesome and can freehand you can just go for gold.

I picked my little origami bird because, again, I liked all of the white space. Next time I’ll probably do something along the lines of this.


Next is just a matter of connecting the dots! Just remember to start by going through the bottom first then come through the canvas to the top, following the design’s path, and then dive back down when you get to the next dot!


It’s simple, doesn’t take too long, and can be as unique as you want it to be!

It will definitely join my collage wall along with my two Minted pieces I’ll share later!

I hope you enjoyed this easy, little DIY!


It’s the little things

I’m always trying to create the perfect space for my home…and probably that’s one of my problems.

I have a constant stream of ideas for new projects and think, if I just finish this one, then this room will be complete. Of course, then I complete that and have new ideas all over again. It’s why, in a world of gorgeous DIY blogs with apparently perpetually clean homes and endless time to make everything, I’m intimidated to ever share progress on my home.

My home is far from clean all the time and there are a lot of corners of rooms I’m not proud of. There are some walls with decorations and some that need a lot of love, but I don’t shy from keeping people away from visiting. I just don’t think I have tons to boast about on the World Wide Web. Honestly, though, there is a lot about my home that is really fun…homemade…us. And when I look at one messy corner, there’s always another section that I can look at to make me smile all over again, so that’s why I thought I’d share five, really simple details, I absolutely love in my space. After all, isn’t it the details that make great things…great?

shelf1. Wicker White

Our office is in our living room, so we decided to store some of our office/art supplies in wicker baskets on this white shelf. It’s a corner that brings me a lot of joy!


2. Patterned rug

This rug is also in our living room…it’s actually the one thing that brings the space together because someone thought it’d be a good idea to put a navy blue carpet in here (it’s not a good idea!) But we rent, so we just find a way to make it work.


3. Decorative dresser drawer knobs

I liked this white dresser (once green) before we put these decorative knobs on it, but it’s so much more fun with them! This is in our little boy’s room, and it makes me smile every time I look at it (even at 2 and 3 and 5 a.m.!) Hopefully one day he’ll enjoy it, too.


4. Wall signage

My husband made this sign for our wedding (and others that matched it) to designate different areas of our reception. My kitchen is one of the spaces I have yet to spice up (pun intended), but some graphic design from my boo definitely helps.


5. Washi tape on walls

I LOVE photos and I LOVE washi tape, so this photo wall and bicycle washi tape brighten up my life.

What are the little things you love about your home?

-Holli Anne


Stitchfix Love!

Stitch Fix box 2

My Facebook newsfeed is a fantastic place to find absolute gems like Stitchfix. I can’t tell you who I first saw post about this fun styling service, but I’m pretty happy to see it has caught on with many other friends posting about it!

Before I recount my first Stitchfix experience and box, let me quickly tell those who don’t know what it’s all about!


What is it?
Stitchfix is an online women’s personal styling service. You sign up, fill out a (roughly ten-minute) style profile, and then receive one box a month of five hand-picked items just for you. Now, if you’re like me, then you’re pretty skeptical about that concept, especially if you have a not-so-average body shape (hello, my short self!). However, after I received my first box I was totally sold.


Style Profile
The style profile is in-depth, asking all of the right questions. They even give you an option to link a Pinterest inspiration board so the stylist that is assigned to you can get a better idea of your style beyond the answers you’ve already given on your profile.

Don’t like to show off your arms but love to show off your back? Put that down.
Want more casual clothes in your box? Or maybe more work chic, date night, or special occasion pieces? Perhaps you want one of each? You can tell your Stitchfix stylist exactly what you want in your box and even go as far as to set your price limit (a feature I adore for obvious reasons)!

If you feel like this comprehensive survey hasn’t covered all of your concerns, there’s a comments section where you can leave a message for your stylist. You can even make a special request for your next box. I did!

Stitch Fix Finds

Personal Stylist
You have a stylist assigned to you who actually seems to care. My personal stylist listened to my request of giving me options for a special occasion that was coming up. She waded through my Want. Pinterest board and managed to come up with five hand-picked items I totally loved. Also, as is standard with each Stitchfix box, she wrote me a message attached to suggestions on how to style each piece I was sent. It wasn’t a copy/pasted message with my name inserted. It was personal. She even wished me a good time at the special occasion I had asked her to style me for and, that, made me feel special.

Stitch Fix box

Stitchfix Policy
Keep what you like. Send back the rest.

That’s the Stitchfix policy, and a wonderful one if I do say so myself.

When you order a box you pay a $20 styling fee. When you get your box and decide to purchase one of the pieces that $20 is applied to the cost. If you purchase all five pieces then you get 25 percent off!

After you’ve purchased or sent back your box’s content, you should go to the site to complete a survey on each item. Filling out this survey will help tell your personal stylist how they did, which will help them only better pick out pieces for your next box!

My Stitchfix Experience
Again, I was very skeptical of this service. I pretty much assumed I wouldn’t like my first box.

Welp, I was wrong!

Because of my request to style me for a special occasion, my lovely stylist sent me three dresses, a fancy shirt, and a pair of earrings. I. Loved. Every. Single. One. < Which was definitely a big feat considering the scattered, wild mixture of pins on the board I had linked in my style profile.

Stick Fitch keeps

I ended up keeping the shirt (which was so me that it was ridiculous) and one of the more formal dresses. I would have bought the rest but I wasn’t entirely happy with how one was cut (so I rated it to let her know to stay away from similar cuts in the future) and then how the other was a little too big. Remember: I’m very short so dresses are a little harder to style for me. The earrings, WHICH I LOVE, weren’t purchased only because I already had a pair very similar, which made me put more faith in my stylist’s abilities to ‘get me.’

Overall, I am impressed, intrigued, and happy with my first Stitchfix box. I am scheduled for monthly fixes now!

And, for once, I was more excited for a box than the cat.
Though, Milo WAS pretty pumped.

Milo's Stitch Fix Box

So, if I’ve swayed you to give it a try, follow this link (my referral code!) to get started!

If you’ve already gone the Stitchfix route, leave a comment with your experience!


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