Inspiration: Statement Wall

DIY Tribal Triangle Wallpaper

There are four magic words that every home renter wants to hear a landlord say: “Do Whatever You Want.”

Well, I heard those words the other day, and my head’s been spinning with possibilities since. I mean, I won’t do WHATEVER I want to the house. If I owned this joint, there would be a gazillion little things I’d like to invest in doing, but since I won’t be here forever, I’ll stick to the less time and money consuming projects.

What I’ve been scheming up lately is a statement wall in our hallway. Yes, as my husband says, we don’t really spend anytime in our hallway, which is kinda true I guess. BUT, it’s the connector to every room in the house, so in a way, we kinda do. (Plus, if he wants me to not force another move on us for at least another year, he’s gonna need to encourage this statement wall). I may or may not have a serious addiction to looking at local real estate like it’s my Facebook news feed. (Definitely do).

I want our hallway statement wall (I think) to be hand-stamped triangles, like the wall from Vintage Revivals above. I love it AND triangles so much. I mean, who doesn’t love triangles, right?

Triangle Statement Wall

A statement wall is a big commitment, so I’m letting the idea of triangles marinate for a little while before I get too ambitious. I also love this triangle wall from The Band Wife. Maybe some kind of combo that merges these ideas would be nice.

While I’m PRETTY set on triangles, that doesn’t mean I haven’t been looking at other ideas for inspiration, and just in case you want to make a statement wall or just admire some gorgeous ones, I thought I’d share some of my favorites.

Watercolor Statement Wall

 THIS watercolor statement wall is gorgeous for so many reasons. It’s definitely not what I’m going for in my hallway, but it almost makes me want to put this in my bedroom right now.

Anchor Statement Wall

Of course, we Annes love everything A Beautiful Mess does (who doesn’t, though really?). So naturally, I’m in love with two of their statement walls. First, these little anchors are so perfect for this entryway.

Clementine Wall

And, the clementines on the kitchen make my little southern heart pitter patter, indeed!

Mountain Statement Wall

Lastly, I LOVE these mountains for a kid’s room. Such a fun idea!

What about you? Do you have a statement wall in your house or ever thought about doing one? I’ll keep you posted on how mine turns out!

-Holli Anne


House to Home: Small Expense, Massive Improvement

Note: Pardon the poor quality/lighting of the pictures! It was late and we only had our phones!

I love home improvement. My same-named fiancé does too. So living together and attempting to transform his house into our home has created a long to-do list that just seems to keep growing. From unique throw pillows to DIY kitchen back splash (soon to be blogged about, I promise!) we’re learning a lot about how our minds and tastes work together!

So far we, thankfully, have been on the same page about almost everything.

With a slew of big and little projects in the works, as well as planning a wedding (plus finishing off my Harlequin Intrigue named MANHUNT for its April release), our time has been wrapped up. So, we decided to tackle only one room right now.


The first, relatively inexpensive step to give a room a completely new look and feel?

Before Paint


Originally this room was a beige-y color. Thanks to the builders attempting to save money (watered down paint spreads out way more, though it scratches off way easier) this color thinned out across the walls and the ceiling. The bathroom basically cried out for a facelift.

So we painted it white.

After Paint

And we love it.

White (usually) makes a room feel bigger and the bathroom was no exception. Until we replace the standard light fixture, we needed the room to also feel bright without restricting our color palette options for future decorations. White (by Valspar, purchased from Lowes) checked all of those marks and we couldn’t he happier with the outcome.

Once we finish a few custom art pieces for the room, I’ll share a completed After picture!

What’s some of your favorite ways to personalize or improve a living space?


Happy Labor Day!


We hope your day is full of rest, fun or maybe even a little pleasurable work this Labor Day!

We’re kicking back, saying farewell to summer and wishing fall weather would come our way soon!

-The Annes & #gabethebabe


Must Haves: Urban Outfitters

Urban Outfitters Bookcase

It started last year and hasn’t lost any steam yet. My addiction–my love–for Urban Outfitters and their Apartment section has grown as strong as a coffee without sugar and cream. (See: My Urban Outfitters Bridesmaid Announcements!) Like most obsessions, it has invaded my mind to the point where I visit the site at least once a day to see what’s new.

And more importantly, what’s on sale.

Today’s sale section definitely doesn’t disappoint, so I’ve decided to make a mini round-up of the home decor I find unbelievably adorable and unique!

Urban Outfitters Round-Up

Assembly Home Leaning Bookcase (pictured at the top) || I have always been a fan of the ladder shelving trend. It’s unique and fun and UO’s shevles are done in a multi blue color scheme that would make any space instantly look better. Though, that opinion is based on the fact that my favorite color is blue. The only thing keeping me from adding it to my cart is the fact that I know my two cats would try to climb it while also knocking everything off. THANKS, CATS!

Plum & Bow Strawberry Planter || Planters. A wonderful way to add some life x 2 to a space! This strawberry planter is adorable in its color and shape. It’s almost begging me to put it in my office!

4040 Locust Tinted Terrarium || I’m really leaning towards having a lot of terrariums decorating my future wedding/reception so I was drawn to this one. Tall and tinted, it almost looks mystical with some greenery inside.

Banana Table Lamp || Or, rather, the original reason I decided to make this post. I’m not a fan of eating bananas but this gilded banana lamp is too pretty and funky to be ignored. Can you say master bedroom?

Tetris Alarm Clock || I don’t need to explain why I want this. Tetris + Alarm Clock = Add to Cart.

Lucy Chair (pictured below) || I’m always on the hunt for the perfect reading chair for my office. The Lucy chair is one of my favorites to dream about. The fact that it’s now nicely reduced in price, might finally sway me to take the financial plunge and enjoy that sweet cushiony goodness.

Urban Outfitters Lucy Chair

Do yourself a fun favor and check out Urban Outfitters and its sale page!


House to Home: Throw Pillows

Bill I almost just named this post THINGS YOU SHOULD DO because, honestly, everyone should do this.

What am I talking about?!

Stepping outside of your living room design’s comfort area.

Some of you may not have an issue with this. Your living room is already eclectic with fun bursts of color and odd little knick knacks. Some of you, though, might cringe at the thought of having a good dose of random in the arguably most used entertaining area of your house. Well, if that’s you, I say WHO CARES! Do you! Don’t please people who don’t live in your house! Be daring! Be brave! Be AWESOME!

Now, back to what we (the Tylers) did.


We bought these crazy awesome throw pillows for the living room sectional from Society6!

Why? It’s hard sometimes to marry two sets of furniture, decorations, and style together. But, seeing as how Tyler and I are getting married, we’ve been setting aside a little amount of money each month to get a little something to help bring ‘us’ into this house.

This is our latest attempt and boy do we love it!


I’m a huge fan of Society6! If you haven’t checked it out then I really don’t know what you’re doing with your life. Their everything is amazing. I often browse through just because. A week or two ago I was looking through the duvet covers (which are also on my list of MUST HAVES) and throw pillows when I instantly fell in love with these four very different designs. There’s no rhyme or reason to their coupling. We just loved them and decided they didn’t look horrible together. (At least not in our opinion.) So, BAM, now our living room feels that much more fun and interesting!


The Specifics
I bought the 16 x 16 covers because I didn’t want to pay too much for the already stuffed pillows. In total these four cost $80. We then ordered some Poly-Fil from Amazon (3 bags and that was all that was needed) for less than $10.

For reference, here’s a picture of the brand.
And Harbor who was really curious about it.


Do you have a quirky, not-so-traditional living room? What’s your favorite part of your entertaining space?

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